Because we defend the plurality of artwork nourished by individual and / or collective experiences. These constitute the many voices of a common history in perpetual construction, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Because we want to create new common ground, spaces to meet and exchange, in order to stage a confrontation between ways of thinking and ways of living.

Because we believe in the solidarity of artists have with each other.

Because we believe in the solidarity and support of citizens and civil society, without constraints of nationality, territory, color, social class, belief and preferences.

Because we believe that our support, our actions and our words can contribute to the creation of plural and open societies.

Because we want to learn to listen.

Because we believe in the critical spirit of the human being.

Because the realization of this ambitious program will bring people together to produce an ever larger, more diverse, more generous family, one which is more open and more connected to the Other.

Because we advocate for direct and open relationships that promote listening and knowledge in order to build and experiment new management practices. Creations in Emergency organize meetings, film screenings, exhibitions, concerts, auctions and fundraisings, in Marseille and internationally in collaboration with cultural and civic structures.