Crowd funding for injured and damaged people in Lebanon

People in Lebanon are facing a tragic situation on political, economic and environmental levels. Créations en urgence is an NGO based in Marseille – France and supports artists and intellectuals of all disciplines who have had to flee their countries under conditions of absolute urgency: war, political repression, sex discrimination, disasters, etc.

We are crowd funding to support those in Beirut devastated by the catastrophic explosion on August 4, 2020, which caused thousands of injuries and at least 80 casualties. The damages are enormous and hospitals have reached their capacities. 

The economic situation in Lebanon has been deteriorating exponentially since the revolution started last October.  More than half of the population is now living below the poverty line. With COVID, the country has become a prison, as Europe and many other countries have closed their borders to people flying from Lebanon. 

The collected money will be sent to NGOs working on the ground in Beirut to support injured and damaged people. We will post updates on where we are routing this funding as soon as we can clarify the most urgent needs – please stay tuned.

Every contribution is meaningful in this time of distress.

Thanks for your support.



Rahma est né au Soudan. Il est poète, écrivain et journaliste. Rahma a co-fondé le quotidien Ajras al-Hurriya (les cloches de la liberté). En 2011, il est arrêté à Khartoum, emprisonné et condamné à mort. Il est relâché un an plus tard sous la pression d’une campagne de soutien internationale. Il vit depuis 2015 en France et en errance selon les résidences d’écritures. Il a à son compte un livre en arabe « زمن اليقطين » et un recueil de poésie dessiné. Créations en urgence a soutenu sa résidence d’écriture à la fondation Camargo en décembre et janvier 2020. Désormais, Créations en urgence accompagne son travail de création. Actuellement, Rahma et l’illustratrice Léna Merhej travaillent sur le premier album de BD autour de sa biographie.