13 September in Marseille.

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Loubess - Quoi de neuf ?

4 June in Marseille.

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Kif Marseille Kif Beyrouth

27 April in Marseille.

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Créations en urgence mission is to support artists and intellectuals of all disciplines who have had to abandon their material and creative tools upon fleeing their countries under conditions of absolute urgency: war, political repression, sex discrimination, natural disaster, etc. It supports individuals waiting for government aid or in the absence of such support.

We provide material and financial assistance to these artists. We also help to put them in touch with donors, with infrastructure to support their artistic production, as well as with other artists to share workspace.

Créations en urgence funding structure is based on our confidence in civic responsibility, and our belief that citizens will support networks of mutual aid and solidarity. Given the fact that governments contribute (in)directly to the forced displacements of the populations we serve, we have decided not to seek public funding.

Our aim is to slowly build a grass-roots movement to an international scale by gathering an "extended family" around these artists and their work that, like us, is committed to the pursuit of artistic and creative practice at a time when the need for expression is essential to both life and survival.

To achieve its mission, the organization accepts donations from civil society and appeals to patrons. We also accept donations of artworks to sell at its public art events.